BAT-80A Lithium battery for JA-80A Lithium battery BAT-80 Jablotron (6 V / 11 Ah) for JA-80A


BAT-3V0-CR123A Lithium battery Lithium battery type CR123A (3.0 V / 1.4 Ah) for JA-84P and JA-80F/81F


BAT-3V6-AA-LS Lithium battery Lithium battery type CR14500 (AA) 3.6 V / 2.45 Ah


BAT-6 Alkaline battery Alkaline battery type L1016 6.0 V(for Remote)


JA-60U Controlers - JA-6x PROFI/MAESTRO


JA-65X Digital communicator Clearance 4Q 2016 The JA-65X communicator is for JA-6x control panels and can communicate with a Monitoring Station, send voice messages and SMSes and dial pagers and communicate with remote PCs via a PSTN line.


RC-11 Remote control unit The RC-11 remote control can provide silent panic-alarm triggering and alarm setting/unsetting.


GC-61 The GC-61 GSM communicator The GC-61 communicator is designed for communication with an alarm receiving centre via a GSM network. The communicator receives data from a control panel via a simulated telephone line.


JA-60IR Wireless optical barrier Clearance 4Q 2016 The JA-60IR optical infrared barrier is designed to protect areas such as doors, windows, balconies etc. within a range of 5 meters. The detector consists of two electronic units and two IR bars.


SP-02 Voice intercom Clearance 4Q 2016 The SP-02 half-duplex speaker phone can talk to and listen-in to monitored premises.


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